Turn Up the Heat | Brush Fire

June 13, 2008


After what seemed to be forever, I still could not figure out why this WordPress theme sets the width and height when it should be dynamic. It is simply poor coding. That is the reason why we have not posted for a while. While I wait for two of my friends to try to figure it out, I will have to manually code it to how I like it.

On April 26, 2008, after we photographed Gina and Nate, we saw a bright orange glow near where we live. With the recent heat and hot winds, I already suspected it to be a brush fire. Alas, I was correct. The Santa Anita Canyon was engulfed in flames, which damaged my beloved hiking trail to Chantry Flat.

After dropping Julie off, Doug and I zipped to Santa Anita Mall to get a better view. To illustrate the potential danger encroaching onto civilization, Doug took this breathtaking (in a scary way) photograph of the brush fire.

Santa Anita Canyon Brush Fire

I hope you all like it!


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