Spartans with Style | Sophia & Hak

July 19, 2017
pasadena wedding photographers

Sophia and Hak are back at it again on our blog! This time we present their stylish wedding. When they are not traveling the world battling Spartan races, they clean up quite nicely! Their wedding attire for their wedding party and themselves were subtle, yet so tastefully selected. I must admit that their style game is strong – see wedding photos below.

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Joshua Tree Engagement Photos | Darlene & Ted

July 18, 2017
los angeles engagement photography

It has been a long time coming for these two love birds to tie the knot! Darelene and Ted have shared one epic adventure after another prior to their engagement photography session and now they are prepared to take their chapter to another level. With eight years in the making, these two had a great history together from traveling the globe, let loose at music festivals, and indulge in life in general. Through the highs and lows, Darlene and Ted managed to build their relationship stronger through every experience.

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Garfield and the Gamer | Kim & Michael

February 26, 2017
los angeles wedding photographers

Life works in mysterious ways and often times with very unexpected outcomes. This story started at a computer game shop where Michael and his boys congregated with every opportunity they had after school, work, and the chores of their daily lives. Within that crowd, Kim frequent that place with her brother too. Who knew that computer games and a few sparks of magic was the receipe for these two to fall in love. Since then, Kim and Michael shared many adventures together and with their gaming friends, which eventually became a part of their family. These two were inseparable.

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Starbucks Lovers | Sophia & Hawk

February 19, 2017
los angeles engagement photography

From Starbucks cups to Spartan races, this pair of dynamic duo love to battle things out as a team. Sophia and Hawk first ignited their flame over a Starbucks where Sophia worked as a barista and Hawk as a patron. With each coffee date, their bonds grew stronger and took their relationship to the next level – Spartan races. These two love to push themselves to their physical and mental limit at these races. I have done the trifecta once, but these two prefer to do it as an annual thing. Sophia may be small, but her hugs alone squeezed the air out of my lungs once. Enough of going off on a tangent, we started off their engagement photo session bright and early in Downtown Los Angeles before the rest of the city woke up. With an empty city and our two love birds suited and gowned up, we cranked out a series of creatively sweet engagement photos. Check it out!

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Horizon Hunters | Swimming Upstream

February 12, 2017
horizon hunters feature

Life is short, so chase the horizon for your next adventure. A few years ago, Jason and I decided to do something completely out of our normal routine to mark the start of a different lifestyle. To start off in our adventure, we called it Horizon Hunters since we literally chased the horizon almost every day and night for a week and half. Our goal was to wake up every morning with a different scenery as we enjoy a hot cup of coffee before our day started. We accomplished that goal everyday before our last stop in Bishop where we met the rest of our crew. I must admit, this road trip offered an alternative perspective in life. Enough about the “deep in thought” malarkey, time for our adventure! Buckle up people, this is going to be a really long post.

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