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Horizon Hunters | Swimming Upstream

February 12, 2017
horizon hunters feature

Life is short, so chase the horizon for your next adventure. A few years ago, Jason and I decided to do something completely out of our normal routine to mark the start of a different lifestyle. To start off in our adventure, we called it Horizon Hunters since we literally chased the horizon almost every day and night for a week and half. Our goal was to wake up every morning with a different scenery as we enjoy a hot cup of coffee before our day started. We accomplished that goal everyday before our last stop in Bishop where we met the rest of our crew. I must admit, this road trip offered an alternative perspective in life. Enough about the “deep in thought” malarkey, time for our adventure! Buckle up people, this is going to be a really long post.

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Chinatown Decay | Luxi

March 23, 2016
los angeles headshots

In the midst of all the wedding photography business, it is always nice to enjoy a leisure photo shoot outside of weddings. With a weekend off, my dear friend, Luxi, and I decided to grab a bite to eat and fire off a few shots here in Chinatown Los Angeles. No pressure, no direction, no expectations…just pure improv for kicks. Instead of going to the popular areas of LA, we trekked into deep forgotten alleys of Chinatown to shed some beauty in the darkness. Check them out!

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Goof Balls | Lisa & Chris

February 9, 2016
family photography los angeles

Happy Lunar New Year everyone…or to belated to be more accurate! For those who celebrated the holiday, I hope you had time to relax with the company of loved ones and family. For those who did not celebrate it, happy Monday haha!

My next fun and goofy blog post will be with the company of a great friend and her family. My dear friend, Lisa from high school, and I have kept in touch through the decade despite living on opposite sides of the county. Whenever Lisa makes a visit back to sunny Los Angeles, we normally like to catch up and vice versa whenever I visit New York. This last round, she brought the family! Before grubbing down, Lisa, Chris, and the family worked up an appetite by jumping around everywhere in Downtown LA. Dressed in bright patterned clothing, comfortable kicks, and a great smile, we cranked out some hilariously great family photos. Check it out.

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Family Weekend | Ginny & Bryant

February 6, 2016

Aside from the business side of photography, there are much more rewarding gifts in this profession. To see couples come together, get married, and hanging out with them all over again when they start a family is priceless. About 6 years ago, I photographed Ginny and Bryant wedding at The Reef in Long Beach. A few years later we reconnected at Malaga Cove and hung out with their new addition to the family! We spent the sunny afternoon playing in the grass and found a shady patch to just enjoy the beach. During our quick gathering, we snapped away some family photos and had a ball. Check it out!

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Happy New Year 2014

January 4, 2014

It is that time again where we start the year fresh and try our best to not break our new year resolution. I am part of the bunch that usually breaks them through procrastination and lack of discipline. My new year resolution is to…not break my new year resolutions! One of my resolutions is to stop and enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation. After a crazy 2013 and my last wedding of the year, I decided to pack up my camera and drive to Yosemite! The irony of leaving my work behind in this short vacation and I still brought my camera. I suppose my camera brings some sort of peace. During my stay at Yosemite, I took up a few hiking trails that were open at the time and lugged my camera and tripod up the mountain. One of the more satisfying photos from that trip was star photography up on top of the mountain. I was not sure if it was a good or bad idea since the temperature dropped drastically and the entire forest was pitch black. I was not even able to see 5 feet in front of me after sunset! Once the stars blanketed the sky, it made my wait up in the mountains worthwhile. Check out the quick preview of my experimentation on landscape photography!

Yosemite National Park

yosemite photos (1)

yosemite photos (2)

yosemite photos (3)

yosemite photos (4)

I hope you all enjoyed this quick preview of my trip in Yosemite! Unfortunately, the snow was not melted so the waterfalls were rather small. Hopefully, I can make another trip out here during Spring to see the waterfalls at full blast! Happy 2014 everyone.


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p.s. – Note to self and everyone who want to do these night photography – Bring extra batteries. My session was cut short when my battery died. ^_^

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