Star Gazing | Kavita & Nathen

February 19, 2015
griffith observatory engagement photos

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I hope those who celebrate this festive day are collecting all those red envelopes from your relatives! On another festive moment, our next lovely couple had a blast at Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier for their engagement photos. For a side tip, those who want to take engagement or wedding photos here at Griffith Observatory, try going on Monday when the venue is closed but still allows people to walk around its premises. After we explored and took plenty of engagement photos here, we fought our way through traffic all the way to Santa Monica Pier to wrap everything up. Despite all the hectic traffic, these two love birds never stopped smiling, laughing, and falling in love. Enjoy.
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Pasadena Engagement Photography | Karin & Leonard

February 18, 2015
pasadena engagement photography

Good evening, Happy Lunar New Years eve, and Ash Wednesday,

It has been a while since my last wedding and engagement photography blog post, but I will make this my “Lunar” New Year resolution to dedicate some time to update everyone on my travels on this blog and my regular website. Hopefully, I can keep this resolution; at least until I finish posted all my past weddings and engagement photo shoots! To start everything off, we arrive back in beautiful Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles for Karin and Leonard’s engagement photography shoot. THese two love birds are not only fashionably dress, have a quirky sense of humor, but has a certain spice to make their engagement pictures come alive! We warmed up in the alleys of Old Town Pasadena and perused through the streets shooting at every corner. Once we wrapped up in Old Town Pasadena, we all caravan to Downtown Los Angeles to wrap up their engagement photos on top of Angels Knoll. During the winter season, the trees at Angels Knoll shed their leaves and the ground turns pure white. That was definitely a nice addition to match the season of their engagement pictures. Enjoy.
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Ready, Set, Hike! | Myriam & Fred

August 28, 2014
the reef wedding photography long beach

Good morning and hope everyone’s Thursday is coming along nicely. Just one more day until the weekend again! There are only a few more weekends of summer left, so make the most of it. I actually might have a weekend free to enjoy the beach before everything cools down! If not, there are always plenty of stuff to do in Los Angeles. For our next awesome wedding adventure, we ventured off South toward Long Beach at The Reef. Myriam and Fred are cute and lovable characters. Fred is the head coach for the football team in Pasadena City College, but he is a total teddy bear at heart. Both parties started off their wedding bright and early where Fred and his entourage had a nice morning straight razor shave at a local barber shop in Long Beach, grabbed a drink, and suited up at The Reef. As for Myriam and her ladies, they relaxed the morning away during their makeup and hair session. Once everyone were good to go, we all raced off to The Reef and kicked off their wedding ceremony on the rooftop that overlooked Long Beach Harbor and Queen Mary. With a few sweet exchange of words and sealed everything with a kiss, the real celebration began! During their wedding reception at The Reef, there was an abundance of love, laughter, and plenty of hugs. Sit back and enjoy their wedding photography highlights!
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Power Rangers!

August 27, 2014
los angeles family photography

Talk about back to back family photo sessions for my blog posts! I hope everyone is doing well in sunny Los Angeles. We still have a few more weeks before summer’s end, so that means get all your bond fires and BBQ’s going! For our next posting, Danny and I will have one more family photography session before getting back on track with our wedding and engagement adventures. For our next quick family photo session, our dear friends dressed their kids up in their favorite hero, the Red Ranger! These two kids ran all over the place at Los Angeles Historic Park and had the goofiest personalities, which made photographing them a real treat! These brotherly love moments and not having a care in the world brings back memories when I was a kid and ran all over the place with my best friends without any worries. Check out their quick photo session here! Continue Reading…