Chain Gang | Wenji & Rommel

May 17, 2016

It has been a few years since I hung out with these two goofballs for their engagement photography session in Pasadena, yet that day was still rather memorable and filled with one hilarious joke after another. Wenji and Rommel flew in from the Big Apple to bask in our California sun, visit some family, and reserved one day to play around while we snapped some photos away. Since this was their hometown, taking their engagement photos here is rather meaningful. To start off, we ran around the alley ways in Old Town Pasadena and took pictures with anything that had color to compliment their playful personalities. Since these two are fans of biking around, the local bike shop nearby were generous enough to lend us a couple Schwinn bikes to cruise around this fair old town.

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Singing in the Rain | Jen & Andrew

April 25, 2016

Good afternoon everyone!

Spring is in the air and we still have those occasional April showers to wash our cars here in Los Angeles; no complaints here! I always welcome the pitter patter of the raindrops as therapy for the soul. On one of my crazy adventures a couple years ago at my second home in New York City, there was an abundance of rain during our engagement photo shoot! When it rains, we just get creative and just go with the flow. Jen and Andrew were great sports about it all throughout our engagement photography session, let loose, and let everything get soaked as we rain through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. On the bright side of things, the photo locations were rather cleared up since everyone found shelter from the rain indoors. This gave us the opportunity to run around throughout the engagement photo shoot uninterrupted and offered us a clean backdrop everywhere we explored. Check out our fun, wet, and creative engagement photography session in the rainy Big Apple!

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jaccc wedding photos

April 4, 2016

Time flies when you have time to reminisce about the adventures and memories you have created on your journey. My dear friends,Lena and Garrett, who were friends since high school finally tied the knot at JACCC (Japanese American Cultural Community Center) in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. What started as friends flourished into the best of friends and we had the great honor of photographing such a great celebration! Since we had mutual friends, it is always a real treat to see familiar faces – a little more wrinkles, maybe a little extra weight, but never losing our childish personalities when we all congregate together! This wedding with Lena and Garrett was more of a colorful party where anything can happen than anything too formal. I personally think weddings should be more fun in this manner!
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High School Love | Lisa & Clint

March 29, 2016
creative engagement photography

I am always a sucker for listening to couples’ stories on how they met, who initiated, and how they popped the big question. In the case of Lisa and Clint, they were friends since high school; each had their own lives and direction. It was not until after graduation, Clint built the courage to ask Lisa out on a date. Since then, their lives unfolded a beautiful story consisting of food, adventures, a chubby English bulldog, and eventually a cute house. Clint was a total gentleman and the love for each other radiated through the simplest of gestures.

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Chinatown Decay | Luxi

March 23, 2016
los angeles headshots

In the midst of all the wedding photography business, it is always nice to enjoy a leisure photo shoot outside of weddings. With a weekend off, my dear friend, Luxi, and I decided to grab a bite to eat and fire off a few shots here in Chinatown Los Angeles. No pressure, no direction, no expectations…just pure improv for kicks. Instead of going to the popular areas of LA, we trekked into deep forgotten alleys of Chinatown to shed some beauty in the darkness. Check them out!

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