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February 24, 2010

Langham, formerly known as Ritz Carlton, is a beautiful and secluded resort in South Pasadena. Despite all the amazing events that took place during Stephanie and George’s wedding, I remembered vividly about this hilarious chat I had with the concierge while I waited for my lovely couple:

Me: Excuse me, what have changed since Ritz Carlton changed to Langham
Concierge: Oh, much have changed since the transition!
Me: Oh really? The only distinct change that I have noticed were your name tags and the sign at the front entrance.
Concierge: …okay, you got me. That is the most drastic change since the conversion.

The little things in life such as this conversation while at work makes my job as a wedding photographer so enjoyable and worthwhile! Anyway, I thought this little piece of the wedding day was a good idea to kick start this blog, even though it totally went off on a tangent. Enough about my weird conversations, back to Stephanie and George’s wedding! These two love birds hosted their wedding at the Japanese Garden – an intimate garden in the center of Langham. Grab a snack and get comfortable…this is going to be a long gallery. ^_^

The Langham, Huntington Hotel and Spa
1401 South Oak Knoll Avenue
Pasadena,, CA 91106
(626) 568-3900

Ngoc Nguyen Skybox Event Productions (coordinator)

Since this wedding was a three man crew for the photography team, we split the crew up to cover both George and Stephanie’s preparation. Since the boys suited up faster than the ladies, Michael and I photographed the boys first around Langham while my other assistant, Lawrence, took care of the ladies in their suite.

Sorry boys, the gals had priority in luxury. While they were pampered in their suite, you boys had to get ready at the bar…I guess there were no objections to that, right? =)

Since the boys got dolled up ahead of schedule, we roamed around Langham to take some really cool portraits.

Aww…the wedding entourage! =)

After Stephanie and George officially tied the knot and finished our wedding portrait session, Stephanie headed back to her suite to touch up a bit before the two made their grand entrance.

That wedding cake was SO DELICIOUS!

First dance as a married couple!

The best man, Thanh, performed an unique dance technique called “the bus driver.” Apparently, George taught Thanh this during their party days. It caught on throughout the night and everyone else followed suit. I can picture some hip-hop artist writing a song about this in the near future.

Stephanie changed into her beautiful red Chinese wedding gown before the second half of the reception. It was easier for Stephanie to get her groove on with this Chinese wedding dress too!


Thank you again Stephanie and George for the awesome wedding!


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