What a Colorful Life | Tiffany & Mike

August 10, 2015
trash the dress wedding photography

It was about a year ago when I had the opportunity to photograph these two love birds and capture their amazing personalities on camera! Even though I am posting their day-after photography session before their wedding, I think this works just fine. To start off, Tiff and Mike are definitely a rare pair with a heart for adventure, daring personalities, and a taste for always trying something new.

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Sweethearts | Lena & Garret

July 24, 2015
los angeles engagement pictures

It is those rare occasions that grade school friends turn sweet hearts and eventually become a sweet married couple. In this story, our dear friends, Lena and Garret, were one of those rare ones. Lena and Garret were friends since high school, each writing their own chapters, and some chapters were stranger than the other. Eventually one fine day, they decided to create a new chapter together and carried on writing their life stories as a pair ever since. When it came time to tie the knot, I obliged by starting off with their engagement photos in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Trouble Makers | Diana & Stanley

July 23, 2015
pasadena engagement photos

It is one of those sweet moments when your friend finally gets married, and this is one of the cases! My dear friend, Stanley, asked Diana to be his wife and he was one of the first in the group to get hitched which made it a big deal! To add onto that, Stanley and I grew up together since we were in fourth grade and had random adventures as in Boy Scouts. For the most part, we got into trouble and had to figure out how to get ourselves out of those situations. For the most part, we do not get away with whatever we did and faced quite a bit of consequences together. Continue Reading…

Go Anteaters | Diana & Rudy

July 8, 2015
descanso garden engagement photography

There comes a time when we all enter a new chapter in our lives, whether by ourselves or as a collective group of childhood friends. In this case, I can safely say that my friends and I have entered the wedding chapter. There are more friends posting about their engagement and wedding photos than usual, which means more parties to attend and wedding cakes to sample! For our next photo shoot, my dear friend from Boy Scouts was the next in line to get married and I had the honor of recording their special memories starting with this engagement photo session. Continue Reading…