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Emily & Aristotle – Sneaker Heads

March 27, 2018
oviatt wedding photography

It has almost been three years since this night yet I still remember the music, the food, the laughter, and even the city lights that luminated their rooftop wedding at Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Many kind words were exchanged during each speech about our couple throughout the night. Even though my relations between these two have been brief, I must confirm with everyone’s speeches that Aris is a real gentleman and Emily is an amazing woman. Their genuine kindness and bubbly personality radiated with everyone at the wedding. With that being said about them, let us introduce their wedding!

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Spartans with Style | Sophia & Hak

July 19, 2017
pasadena wedding photographers

Sophia and Hak are back at it again on our blog! This time we present their stylish wedding. When they are not traveling the world battling Spartan races, they clean up quite nicely! Their wedding attire for their wedding party and themselves were subtle, yet so tastefully selected. I must admit that their style game is strong – see wedding photos below.

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Garfield and the Gamer | Kim & Michael

February 26, 2017
los angeles wedding photographers

Life works in mysterious ways and often times with very unexpected outcomes. This story started at a computer game shop where Michael and his boys congregated with every opportunity they had after school, work, and the chores of their daily lives. Within that crowd, Kim frequent that place with her brother too. Who knew that computer games and a few sparks of magic was the receipe for these two to fall in love. Since then, Kim and Michael shared many adventures together and with their gaming friends, which eventually became a part of their family. These two were inseparable.

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Silver Linings | Elise & William

January 28, 2017
wedding photographer orange county

California in the recent weeks had a fair share of rain. I hope everyone managed to get around safely during the storms. Rain during this season reminded me of a wedding we had photographed a couple years ago with almost the same scenario.

This upcoming wedding post held a special place in my heart. The man of that hour, William, has ventured off with me in almost all my crazy ideas since we were kids and what an adventure we had! He was there for all the good times and never hesitated to be there during the times that mattered most. For a man like him, he deserved only the best. In this case, he ended up with Elise – the best and the weirdest. All their similarities and differences complimented each other rather nicely. In other words, their lives were various puzzle pieces that fit together to present itself as something beautiful.

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los coyotes wedding photography

May 23, 2016
los coyotes wedding photography

Summer is just around the corner here in Los Angeles and thing are heating up just nicely. I hope everyone has amazing plans and places to see for this coming season! For our next wedding, these two love birds have a heart for exploration and are always out and about planning for their next adventure. Allison and Jimmy have been joined to the hip for about a decade before they leaped into their next milestone adventure with a wedding to make things official.

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