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Emily & Aristotle – Sneaker Heads

March 27, 2018
oviatt wedding photography

It has almost been three years since this night yet I still remember the music, the food, the laughter, and even the city lights that luminated their rooftop wedding at Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Many kind words were exchanged during each speech about our couple throughout the night. Even though my relations between these two have been brief, I must confirm with everyone’s speeches that Aris is a real gentleman and Emily is an amazing woman. Their genuine kindness and bubbly personality radiated with everyone at the wedding. With that being said about them, let us introduce their wedding!

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It’s Serendipity | Tiffany & Mike

March 10, 2016
serendipity garden wedding photography

Good evening everyone,

In this whole wedding business, I run into so many happy and interesting people. Of the many weddings I have photographed, there is the memorable handful of weddings or people at these weddings that completely changes your life. Of all the life changing events, this has to be the one that tops it all. To give a quick overview of Tiffany and Mike, these two were high school buddies and started their lives together after college with one amazing adventure after another. Fortunately enough, they included me into the mix shortly after their wedding was over and we have been chasing the horizon ever since from rock climbing, bungee jumping, camping, and a bunch of races! Without going off too far on this tangent, I present one of Tiffany and Mike’s sweetest adventures at Serendipity Gardens.

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What a Colorful Life | Tiffany & Mike

August 10, 2015
trash the dress wedding photography

It was about a year ago when I had the opportunity to photograph these two love birds and capture their amazing personalities on camera! Even though I am posting their day-after photography session before their wedding, I think this works just fine. To start off, Tiff and Mike are definitely a rare pair with a heart for adventure, daring personalities, and a taste for always trying something new.

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Westmount County Club Wedding | Gina & Alex

July 24, 2014
destination wedding photography

It has been about a year since my dear friend, Gina and Alex, tied the knot and it seemed like only yesterday. It was a beautiful summer when Danny and I flew back to New York to meet up with all the familiar faces for this wonderful occasion. Gina and Alex picked out a really beautiful venue on the outskirts of New York at Westmount Country Club. The venue was lush with greenery and ample space to run around the place, not to mention the decor of the entire venue was a real gem. To kick start this wonderful wedding day, Gina spent the morning with her caffeine fix and a bunch of bananas her mother gave her to eat. Alex on the other hand, had his own errands to run and last minute preparations with the vendors to make sure everything ran according to plan. After everything was dressed to impress, the entire wedding party caravan our way to Westmount Country Club for their “first look” and some wedding photos before their guests arrived for the ceremony. The photo shoot was quick, fun, and mostly indoors to avoid the summer humidity! With the extra time before the wedding ceremony, Gina and Alex had a little time to mingle with a handful of their guests while they slowly trickled in to greet our happy couple.
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St Regis Wedding Photographer | Karin & Leonard

June 5, 2014
orange county wedding photography

I hope everyone is ready for the summer breeze to roll in, at least I am! The temperature here in Los Angeles is definitely heating up and it is time for beach season.

Before I start posting our wedding photography adventures in the summer, let us kick back one step to Spring at St. Regins Monarch in Dana Point. Karin and Leonard chose this beautiful wedding venue to exchange their vows, love and tie their knot. Karin started off with a lot of hairspray and lots of laughter with her girlfriends in one room, while Leonard and the boys ironed every wrinkle out of their outfits and looked their best. Once everyone was dressed to impress, Karin and Leonard had their first look at St. Regis’ famous staircase with the rest of the wedding party. While Leonard laid eyes on Karin we snapped away in the background and captured so many touching wedding photos. We gave them a few more minutes of privacy before we had to move them along with the rest of the show! With the extra time before the wedding ceremony down at the golf course, the wedding party literally ran around everywhere and had a blast throughout the wedding photography session! Continue Reading…