Wedding Photography Workshop

July 8, 2008

Hello photographers and regular viewers alike,

Furious Photographers – hosted by Douglas and Lawrence – will be hosting their second wedding photography workshop on July 20, 2008.

Cost: FREE

Location: Our home studio


Why: A friend asked us to (you can thank Tawny if you decide to join)

Who Can Join: Anyone

What To Bring:

  1. Pen
  2. Paper
  3. Camera and Lenses
  4. Big Flash Drive
  5. Laptop

Time: 10am – 7pm

RSVP: Must email me your name and phone number!

The “yet to be named” workshop will start at 10am and will end around 6pm-7pm depending on when I get hungry for dinner of which you are welcome to join – food will most likely be hot and coupled with cold beer. We will be discussing a number of essential items that all wedding photographers should know when entering this industry.

We are still in the process of looking for models to pose as our subjects, so if you know any couples who want pictures, shoot me an email at Please send a picture along with a brief description because due to the number of inquiries, everyone is subject to screening. Here are some items that we will be covering:

– Detail shots (including rings and etc.)

wedding photography workshop

– Post-production techniques

wedding photography workshop

– “High Fashion” subjects (some clients actually ask for it)

wedding photography workshop

– Perfect Lighting (even at beaches)

wedding photography workshop

– Use of space – tight and loose

wedding photography workshop

If you want to know about anything in particular about photography, just post a comment or email me so that I can prepare for it. Doug and I are all about helping and we only wish that you do the same for others. ;D

Overall, if you want to join, you must let me know. If you do not have a camera, we have six, but you should get your own if you are serious. TELL ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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