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Locked and Loaded | Sharon & John

February 5, 2016
rancho los lomas wedding photography

It has definitely been a while since my last wedding blog entry and it is good to pick up where I left off, even if I am about 2 1/2 years worth of wedding and engagement photography events behind! The past few years has taken off quite nicely with all the photo shoots and plenty of happy memories. With all these amazing wedding and engagements that we have photographed in the past, it is great to finally share their stories with you. Bear with me for a while, there will be a lot of updating coming soon. With a clear calendar today and fresh coffee brewing, let us rock n’ roll starting with Sharon and John’s wedding hosted at Rancho Las Lomas in Orange County!

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What a Colorful Life | Tiffany & Mike

August 10, 2015
trash the dress wedding photography

It was about a year ago when I had the opportunity to photograph these two love birds and capture their amazing personalities on camera! Even though I am posting their day-after photography session before their wedding, I think this works just fine. To start off, Tiff and Mike are definitely a rare pair with a heart for adventure, daring personalities, and a taste for always trying something new.

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Castle Green | Meichu & Sean

April 30, 2015
castle green wedding photography

Greetings everyone,

Summer is just around the corner, which means wedding season will be up on full steam ahead for the up coming months! Aside from the stream of exciting weddings coming up, I hope everyone has some crazy and adventurous plans for the summer too. Life is meant to be experienced, not observed. For our next experience, we made our way to beautiful Castle Green in Old Town Pasadena. This historical landmark stood strong and welcomed guests from all across the world since the settlement of Pasadena. A few upgrades have changed here at Castle Green, but the decor and architecture still remain in immaculate condition. Before we move along to Castle Green, Meichu and Sean honored their parents with an intimate tea ceremony at each parents’ homes. Few tears were shed and many words of advice from the elders were shared as these two love birds started their new chapter together.

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Dancing with Lions | Mabel & Michael

February 23, 2015
orange county wedding photographers

Good evening everyone!

This next wedding is a bit of a special one. One of my dearest friends, Mabel and Michael, finally got hitched last summer and there were plenty of familiar faces around that day. I have known these cool cats since high school and participated in a handful of crazy adventures with them since then. Now it was the next chapter in their lives and it was an honor to record such a special moment. To kick start this little love story, everyone started their morning with…A LOT OF COFFEE! Both sides of the party, including us, were up at the crack of dawn prepping for the wedding and of course, horsed around with a bunch of friends in between our duties. Time flew by quite quickly with good company, so 5AM with the help of coffee was not bad at all! Mabel and Michael performed a couple traditional tea ceremonies on both sides of the families to honor and respect their elders. Through each cup given to their relatives, they were offered some wise words from each relative in exchange. Once the wedding ceremony was over, we headed out to a local park to wrap up some cool wedding portraits before their reception. Their reception was one eventful moment after another. From speeches, bountiful of food, to an epic lion dance performance by one of Michael’s uncles, everyone cheered and enjoyed the night away. Enjoy.
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Ready, Set, Hike! | Myriam & Fred

August 28, 2014
the reef wedding photography long beach

Good morning and hope everyone’s Thursday is coming along nicely. Just one more day until the weekend again! There are only a few more weekends of summer left, so make the most of it. I actually might have a weekend free to enjoy the beach before everything cools down! If not, there are always plenty of stuff to do in Los Angeles. For our next awesome wedding adventure, we ventured off South toward Long Beach at The Reef. Myriam and Fred are cute and lovable characters. Fred is the head coach for the football team in Pasadena City College, but he is a total teddy bear at heart. Both parties started off their wedding bright and early where Fred and his entourage had a nice morning straight razor shave at a local barber shop in Long Beach, grabbed a drink, and suited up at The Reef. As for Myriam and her ladies, they relaxed the morning away during their makeup and hair session. Once everyone were good to go, we all raced off to The Reef and kicked off their wedding ceremony on the rooftop that overlooked Long Beach Harbor and Queen Mary. With a few sweet exchange of words and sealed everything with a kiss, the real celebration began! During their wedding reception at The Reef, there was an abundance of love, laughter, and plenty of hugs. Sit back and enjoy their wedding photography highlights!
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