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Chinatown Decay | Luxi

March 23, 2016
los angeles headshots

In the midst of all the wedding photography business, it is always nice to enjoy a leisure photo shoot outside of weddings. With a weekend off, my dear friend, Luxi, and I decided to grab a bite to eat and fire off a few shots here in Chinatown Los Angeles. No pressure, no direction, no expectations…just pure improv for kicks. Instead of going to the popular areas of LA, we trekked into deep forgotten alleys of Chinatown to shed some beauty in the darkness. Check them out!

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On Top of the World | Erika & Greg

March 17, 2016
malibu rocky oaks wedding photography

I am always a sucker for small intimate weddings. Do not get me wrong, huge weddings and festivals are also great too! As for this next wedding adventure, we ventured off on the top of Malibu canyons at Malibu Rocky Oaks Winery and overlooked the entire valley! Talk about a grand view and standing amoungst the clouds for a grand and intimate wedding. Before Erika and Greg tied their knot at beautiful Rocky Oaks Winery, everyone prepped up at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica. Erika and her ladies shared the morning together with plenty of sweets, chocolates, and a splash of sea breeze that rolled into their suite while they had their makeup done on point while Greg and the boys suited up nicely at Rocky Oaks Winery.

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It’s Serendipity | Tiffany & Mike

March 10, 2016
serendipity garden wedding photography

Good evening everyone,

In this whole wedding business, I run into so many happy and interesting people. Of the many weddings I have photographed, there is the memorable handful of weddings or people at these weddings that completely changes your life. Of all the life changing events, this has to be the one that tops it all. To give a quick overview of Tiffany and Mike, these two were high school buddies and started their lives together after college with one amazing adventure after another. Fortunately enough, they included me into the mix shortly after their wedding was over and we have been chasing the horizon ever since from rock climbing, bungee jumping, camping, and a bunch of races! Without going off too far on this tangent, I present one of Tiffany and Mike’s sweetest adventures at Serendipity Gardens.

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Spring Fling | Diana & Rudy

March 2, 2016
langham wedding photographer

Spring is coming along nicely here in Los Angeles and what better way than to showcase Diana and Rudy’s wedding that took place at Pasadena Langham and San Gabriel Winery! It was a beautiful morning where the entire wedding party relaxed, got prepped up, and shared hilarious stories over breakfast at Pasadena Langham. With a full wedding schedule ahead of us, everyone quickly suited up, dressed up, and ran around Langham’s gardens for some wedding photos before we all caravan to our next location to get these two love birds married. During our photo session at Langham, the in between moments is what makes being a wedding photographer so rewarding. The bits of emotions poured out during each photo and Rudy being a total comedian throughout the photo shoot were priceless.

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Trojan Territory | Ann & Jonathan

February 25, 2016

Good afternoon everyone!

First and foremost before I post this next wedding adventure, I apologize to all my fellow Bruins that I partied hard with the Trojans at their wedding at USC! I had to admit, they really know how to throw down a wedding.

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