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Doctor’s Orders | Elizabeth & Leonard

February 9, 2016
pasadena engagement photography

During my random adventures photographing engagement and weddings, I do try to pick up a few ideas along the way; whether it be for a future wedding or just fashion sense. In this next case with Elizabeth and Leonard’s engagement photography session covering Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach, Leonard has his bow tie game on point. Without going off too far on a tangent, their outfits matched each other and the sunny weather perfectly. Their colorful outfits and bubbly personalities radiated throughout the engagement photo session!

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Ahmanson Ranch Wedding Photography | Kavita & Nathan

February 20, 2015
ahmanson wedding photography

Good morning everyone,

It is time to move onward towards Kavita and Nathan’s wedding! My last post featured my beautiful couple, Kavita and Nathan, at Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier for their engagement photos. Now we can conclude this love story with their wedding at Malibu Hindu Temple and Ahmanson Ranch! It was a beautiful morning in Malibu with perfectly blue skies and amazing weather where Kavita and Nathan’s immediate families gathered together at Malibu Hindu Temple participated their first wedding ceremony. Once their Hindu ceremony concluded, plenty of family photos were taken in their amazingly colorful attire while the rest made their way toward Ahmanson Ranch. Before their second ceremony, plenty of time was allocated for the wedding party to relax, bask in the sun, and for awesome wedding party photos! Their wedding color scheme complimented everything from the accessories down to the details of Ahmanson Ranch. Navy blue dresses and bright yellow shoes was a very nice touch! Without further delay, enjoy their wedding photography highlight!
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Star Gazing | Kavita & Nathen

February 19, 2015
griffith observatory engagement photos

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

I hope those who celebrate this festive day are collecting all those red envelopes from your relatives! On another festive moment, our next lovely couple had a blast at Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier for their engagement photos. For a side tip, those who want to take engagement or wedding photos here at Griffith Observatory, try going on Monday when the venue is closed but still allows people to walk around its premises. After we explored and took plenty of engagement photos here, we fought our way through traffic all the way to Santa Monica Pier to wrap everything up. Despite all the hectic traffic, these two love birds never stopped smiling, laughing, and falling in love. Enjoy.
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Summer Love | Mindy & Erik

August 1, 2014
engagement photograph santa monica

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer breeze and the beach at least a couple times this year. Despite the drought here in Los Angeles, we can still enjoy the summer while being conservative with our water intake. This next engagement photography session took our next adventure to Santa Monica beach where the sun is bright, nice breeze, and somewhat questionable waters (Los Angeles dwellers know what I am talking about). Mindy and Erik wanted some fun loving and carefree style in their engagement photos and with their beloved tandem bicycle. What better place to ride your bike than along the beach, right? Check out our quick day where we cruised along the beach and ran on top of Santa Monica Pier during this engagement photography shoot!
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Sing Your Heart Out | Louise & Paul

March 17, 2014
casa del mar wedding photography

For every wedding that we photograph, there is always an unexpected surprise with twists and turns in every corner. For this next wedding hosted at beautiful Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, Louise was an opera singer and WOW can she sing during their reception. I will not get too far ahead of myself and skip the details from the rest of the wedding since there were also a lot of exciting events that took place as well.
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