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June 10, 2012

Good evening everyone,

It was a good day when my childhood friend, Jenny, finally married her beloved An! There were so many familiar faces from our school who attended their wedding. With all the energy in one wedding, there were so many momentous events to photograph! There were laughter and definitely plenty of tears (of course from happiness) shared amongst her friends and family. It was definitely a real treat to not only be invited to their wedding as a guest, but also being entrusted as their wedding photographer.

The day started with Jenny and her gals prepped up at Sheraton Hotel in Anaheim (Orange County), while An and his boys suited up at his pad in Westminster (also in Orange County). There were plenty of humorous side stories in between each event in this wedding and I will try my best to explain in detail. To start off, Janet (Jenny’s maid of honor and also Danny’s squeeze) thought of a creative idea for all the ladies in the wedding party to wear a derringer under their dresses. The wedding photo below is a sweet shot of all their derringers piled up on top of each other before they hid them under their garters. While the ladies enjoyed their morning, An on the other hand, wanted to look more “masculine” in his wedding photos. Before he allowed Danny to take their first shot, he did plenty of push-ups and sit-ups beforehand to compliment his…confidence. As their wedding photos progress, I will add in more stories below. For now just site back, relax, and enjoy their wedding photos!

Sheraton Hotel
Anaheim, CA
Orange County (OC)

The derringers!

Cute little piggy stored all their spare change for the wedding! We just had to add this photo along with the rest of their wedding story.

The little girl is all grown up with her wedding dress and all!

I suppose everyone has their own methods of putting on lipstick.

There were three wedding ceremonies that Jenny and An had to perform before they partied hard at The Villa. Two of the wedding ceremonies were traditional tea ceremonies to each of their families for their blessings and one catholic mass.

I suppose their fist pump made their wedding official.

After their wedding ceremonies all came to an end, we all ran around Orange County for their wedding photography session, while their wedding guests enjoyed cocktail hour at The Villa.

Dig the socks

Time to replenish! In between wedding photos, the wedding party munched on some McDonald’s cheeseburgers. Once they were ready for the next series of photos, they had to check their teeth to avoid any unwanted embarrassments!

Next couple wedding photographs compliments of Geoff (our new addition to Furious Photographers family)

Janet had to photo-bomb at least one picture!

Before the floor opened up for dancing, Jenny and An had their first dance as husband and wife. I totally dig the traditional red Chinese wedding dress.

Congratulations to the both of you again! It was our pleasure to be your wedding photographers at such a beautiful chapter in your lives.


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