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May 19, 2008

Good morning,

It almost seems [and quite possibly] months since we last posted. Again, it is due to the many projects that we are trying to work on, which will be unveiled very soon! In addition to other work, I have been trying to get this new blog out. This is my first time using WordPress. It has some awesome tools, but alas, I am not literate in php at all. Nevertheless, I think this is something that is not too hard to tackle as long as I give it more time.

Over the past few weeks, we have had the opportunity to photograph many engagements and a couple of weddings, which we are anxious to deploy on the blog. However, due to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, we will only post about four at a time until Google has thoroughly crawled through our website.

Today’s candidates are Christina and Vee! The two of them have such warm smiles! Doug and I had an awesome time photographing their engagement at Old Town Pasadena. We explored the streets of Pasadena and even entered a construction site where we snagged some wickedly cool pictures. The following picture is where we started our engagement session (Pasadena City Hall):

Old Town Pasadena Engagement Pictures

Afterwards, we headed over to the awesome Container Store! This store has the coolest – you guessed it – containers! They come in all colors, sizes, brands, etc. While shopping around, Vee sprang from his cart!

Container Store Engagement Pictures

Inside the Container Store, there is a place where associates can show customers how to assemble certain containers, such as cabinets or something. Not all items come assembled. Given the opportunity with the following sign, I could not resist!

Container Store Engagement Picture

Nearly getting caught messing around inside the store, we decided to explore another part of Pasadena. We stopped by the friendly Johnny Rockets where we have built a nice relationship with the people working there. (Always keep a good rapport with everyone!)

Johnny Rockets Engagement Picture

Once they finished their chocolate malt and we finished our sodas, we found some cones and the rest was history…

Fun Engagement Pictures

Since Christina and Vee liked a pose from our previous engagement session also taken at Old Town Pasadena, we tried our best to mimic everything.

Dipping pose

After a couple of fun hours with Christina and Vee, we decided to start winding down to our parking structure. Along the way, we found a rustic building under construction. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, I hopped inside to ask for permission. The people were so gracious to let us photograph despite all of the debris.

Old Town Pasadena Engagement Photography

In this image, we used the ladder as a natural frame to put more emphasis on the subjects.

Old Town Pasadena Engagement Photography

Looking back at the pictures, I miss the overcast weather. Now it is almost unbearably hot. Since our office is on the third floor, the heat just likes crowd up in our room. Even with central air, it is almost useless.

Stay cool,

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