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Dancing with Lions | Mabel & Michael

February 23, 2015
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Good evening everyone!

This next wedding is a bit of a special one. One of my dearest friends, Mabel and Michael, finally got hitched last summer and there were plenty of familiar faces around that day. I have known these cool cats since high school and participated in a handful of crazy adventures with them since then. Now it was the next chapter in their lives and it was an honor to record such a special moment. To kick start this little love story, everyone started their morning with…A LOT OF COFFEE! Both sides of the party, including us, were up at the crack of dawn prepping for the wedding and of course, horsed around with a bunch of friends in between our duties. Time flew by quite quickly with good company, so 5AM with the help of coffee was not bad at all! Mabel and Michael performed a couple traditional tea ceremonies on both sides of the families to honor and respect their elders. Through each cup given to their relatives, they were offered some wise words from each relative in exchange. Once the wedding ceremony was over, we headed out to a local park to wrap up some cool wedding portraits before their reception. Their reception was one eventful moment after another. From speeches, bountiful of food, to an epic lion dance performance by one of Michael’s uncles, everyone cheered and enjoyed the night away. Enjoy.
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Ahmanson Ranch Wedding Photography | Kavita & Nathan

February 20, 2015
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Good morning everyone,

It is time to move onward towards Kavita and Nathan’s wedding! My last post featured my beautiful couple, Kavita and Nathan, at Griffith Observatory and Santa Monica Pier for their engagement photos. Now we can conclude this love story with their wedding at Malibu Hindu Temple and Ahmanson Ranch! It was a beautiful morning in Malibu with perfectly blue skies and amazing weather where Kavita and Nathan’s immediate families gathered together at Malibu Hindu Temple participated their first wedding ceremony. Once their Hindu ceremony concluded, plenty of family photos were taken in their amazingly colorful attire while the rest made their way toward Ahmanson Ranch. Before their second ceremony, plenty of time was allocated for the wedding party to relax, bask in the sun, and for awesome wedding party photos! Their wedding color scheme complimented everything from the accessories down to the details of Ahmanson Ranch. Navy blue dresses and bright yellow shoes was a very nice touch! Without further delay, enjoy their wedding photography highlight!
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Ready, Set, Hike! | Myriam & Fred

August 28, 2014
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Good morning and hope everyone’s Thursday is coming along nicely. Just one more day until the weekend again! There are only a few more weekends of summer left, so make the most of it. I actually might have a weekend free to enjoy the beach before everything cools down! If not, there are always plenty of stuff to do in Los Angeles. For our next awesome wedding adventure, we ventured off South toward Long Beach at The Reef. Myriam and Fred are cute and lovable characters. Fred is the head coach for the football team in Pasadena City College, but he is a total teddy bear at heart. Both parties started off their wedding bright and early where Fred and his entourage had a nice morning straight razor shave at a local barber shop in Long Beach, grabbed a drink, and suited up at The Reef. As for Myriam and her ladies, they relaxed the morning away during their makeup and hair session. Once everyone were good to go, we all raced off to The Reef and kicked off their wedding ceremony on the rooftop that overlooked Long Beach Harbor and Queen Mary. With a few sweet exchange of words and sealed everything with a kiss, the real celebration began! During their wedding reception at The Reef, there was an abundance of love, laughter, and plenty of hugs. Sit back and enjoy their wedding photography highlights!
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Family Fun Friday | Vivienne & Yian

August 15, 2014
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Hello All!

TGIF everyone! I hope everyone here in sunny Los Angeles has some fun plans for the weekend and hopefully avoiding as much weekend traffic as possible. I suppose that is unavoidable given that everyone drives here in Los Angeles, but wishful thinking keeps us patient as we truck along in the moving parking lot called the freeway!
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