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Singing in the Rain | Jen & Andrew

April 25, 2016

Good afternoon everyone!

Spring is in the air and we still have those occasional April showers to wash our cars here in Los Angeles; no complaints here! I always welcome the pitter patter of the raindrops as therapy for the soul. On one of my crazy adventures a couple years ago at my second home in New York City, there was an abundance of rain during our engagement photo shoot! When it rains, we just get creative and just go with the flow. Jen and Andrew were great sports about it all throughout our engagement photography session, let loose, and let everything get soaked as we rain through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn. On the bright side of things, the photo locations were rather cleared up since everyone found shelter from the rain indoors. This gave us the opportunity to run around throughout the engagement photo shoot uninterrupted and offered us a clean backdrop everywhere we explored. Check out our fun, wet, and creative engagement photography session in the rainy Big Apple!

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High School Love | Lisa & Clint

March 29, 2016
creative engagement photography

I am always a sucker for listening to couples’ stories on how they met, who initiated, and how they popped the big question. In the case of Lisa and Clint, they were friends since high school; each had their own lives and direction. It was not until after graduation, Clint built the courage to ask Lisa out on a date. Since then, their lives unfolded a beautiful story consisting of food, adventures, a chubby English bulldog, and eventually a cute house. Clint was a total gentleman and the love for each other radiated through the simplest of gestures.

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Traveling Hearts | Allison & Jimmy

March 17, 2016

There is always a soft spot in my heart when I hear stories of couples’s adventures together and how they have met; sweet stuff that can give you cavities. In this case. Allison and Jimmy have been a pair for about a decade before finally getting hitched. Imagine all the awesome adventures these two have experienced prior to entering the next chapter of their lives. One of their favorite past time is camping and snowboarding. What better way to have a meaningful engagement photography session than to combine the stuff that they like into their photos, right?!

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Doctor’s Orders | Elizabeth & Leonard

February 9, 2016
pasadena engagement photography

During my random adventures photographing engagement and weddings, I do try to pick up a few ideas along the way; whether it be for a future wedding or just fashion sense. In this next case with Elizabeth and Leonard’s engagement photography session covering Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Redondo Beach, Leonard has his bow tie game on point. Without going off too far on a tangent, their outfits matched each other and the sunny weather perfectly. Their colorful outfits and bubbly personalities radiated throughout the engagement photo session!

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Goof Balls | Lisa & Chris

February 9, 2016
family photography los angeles

Happy Lunar New Year everyone…or to belated to be more accurate! For those who celebrated the holiday, I hope you had time to relax with the company of loved ones and family. For those who did not celebrate it, happy Monday haha!

My next fun and goofy blog post will be with the company of a great friend and her family. My dear friend, Lisa from high school, and I have kept in touch through the decade despite living on opposite sides of the county. Whenever Lisa makes a visit back to sunny Los Angeles, we normally like to catch up and vice versa whenever I visit New York. This last round, she brought the family! Before grubbing down, Lisa, Chris, and the family worked up an appetite by jumping around everywhere in Downtown LA. Dressed in bright patterned clothing, comfortable kicks, and a great smile, we cranked out some hilariously great family photos. Check it out.

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